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Hi, I'm Katherine Smith! I go by Katie for short. I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. Living five minutes from the nation's capital is an experience I am forever grateful for. Over the years, I became a Washington Capitals, Redskins and Nationals fan, even though D.C. sports are notoriously disappointing. The city taught me to be independent and go after what I want in life. My high school basically bred competition, so I know how to fight my way to the top. Of a 390-student high school graduating class, I was one of the few to start a new chapter far, far away from the political, fast-paced environment of Washington.

I moved to Auburn, Alabama, in August 2013 to begin the path to my ex-dream job: a physical therapist (what was I thinking?). 18-year-old me was not afraid to be on my own, but I was afraid of chemistry class. After changing my major three times, I am a proud public relations student ready to show the world what I have to offer. Auburn showed me a new kind of culture, where people hold the door for you and say "hello" to strangers. It's a different world down here, but it's the world I've come to love.

I cannot thank my parents enough for getting me to where I am today. With my father's creativity and my mother's get-it-done attitude, I have become a productive and proud person, taking the world by storm.

Why Me?

I work hard and I am proud of how far I have come. If you're looking for a dependable, skilled employee with a sense of humor, I'm your girl!

Quick Facts

  • -Graduation Date: Dec. 10, 2016
  • -I love mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • -I aspire to be Meredith Grey in another life