"Rolling With Regions" logo.

Photo source: Downtown Auburn Online

This project is incomplete. It is due Dec. 5, 2016. I have provided information on the work my team has done so far. *Social media screenshots were created by our team and were not actually posted online by Regions.*

I worked with a team of three others to create a marketing campaign for Fox Sports University. The course, Campaigns for Public Relations, required us to create the campaign, report on the execution and evaluation of the campaign, create visuals and present the campaign to Fox Sports University and Auburn University representatives.

My group, self-named Team ELCK, was assigned the financial industry. We were tasked with creating a campaign to connect younger people, specifically Auburn students, to the financial industry and figure out how to appeal to millennials. After several meetings and nights in the library, we created "Rolling with Regions."

"Rolling with Regions" combines the tradition of rolling Toomer's Corner, two oaks outside of Toomer's Drug Store, after an Auburn win and social media. The idea of "Rolling with Regions" is that those who bank with Regions can receive a free roll of toilet paper after an Auburn football win to take to Toomer's. The toilet paper would have a special "Rolling with Regions" sticker on it.

After hearing about the campaign prior to kickoff, people would know that they could enter the "Rolling with Regions" contest. To enter, one must post a photo on Instagram using "#RollingWithRegions." Winners would be announced at random, but posts including the hashtag are entered automatically. Prizes can be anything from dinner with Bruce Pearl to assistant women's volleyball coach for one game.

We felt this idea would successfully bring together Auburn students and the financial industry, specifically Regions Bank. I will post documents for you to read as soon as they are all complete. Come back soon for more details about our campaign!