During my last semester at Auburn, I took a course called Magazine and Feature writing. This course required me to create three feature stories.

My first piece was a story about a friend of mine who is a harder worker than anyone I know. She is very involved in the Auburn community on and off campus. To read my story about her, click here.

My second piece is about the Lee County Humane Society, which is located only minutes from the heart of Auburn's campus. I interviewed three employees about what it is like to work at the shelter. They shared some great stories with me! Click here to read about a day in the life of a Lee County Humane Society employee.

My third feature was a special one. I interviewed a neighbor that I have lived next door to for my entire life. He is 95 years old, and he has some interesting stories to tell. This is one of my favorite pieces that I have ever written because it hits close to home (literally). To read about my neighbor and his adventures, click here.

Before this course, I had not had very much experience with feature writing. I had written a few blog posts before, but never anything like these. For this course, I had to conduct my own interviews as well, which was scary at first, but rewarding in the long run.