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Above is my magazine, The Eager Eagle. I created this 16-page magazine using Adobe Photoshop. I chose an eagle as my main focus because "War Eagle" is a classic Auburn saying. It was difficult to relate all of the articles I wrote during this course, so I decided to use the theme of an eagle to connect Auburn with the entire state of Alabama. I think the eagle represents Alabama as well because the bald eagle is our national bird.

I had two hard copies of my magazine printed along with this online version. Creating this magazine allowed me to utilize Adobe InDesign features that I had not used before. After creating this magazine, I feel much more comfortable using InDesign than I did previously.

The stories in my magazine are all written by me. I wrote, edited and interviewed for all of the pieces. Some of the photos within the magazine are also my own. For those I do not own, I included a hyperlink to the original source. Please feel free to click around and read my magazine!


  • Created with Adobe InDesign
  • 16 pages
  • All content written by me