Home page for "Eclectic Eats."


Home page for "Eclectic Eats."

The Writing for Public Relations class at Auburn had students create a media kit. The kit consisted of elements like a press release, a backgrounder and a pitch. Each student was challenged to create a fictional company to write these elements for. I created Eclectic Eats, a pretend restaurant in Washington, D.C. My restaurant is known for the Help for Homeless program. The program donates one meal to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen for every meal purchased. The program also employes homeless D.C. residents to help get them on their feet and on track to escaping homelessness.

Eclectic Eats mission statement.

For the course, we created a WordPress site for our fictional companies. On the site, we uploaded all of the writing we did throughout the course. Check out the site I created for Eclectic Eats here.

A unique piece I wrote during this class is a backgrounder. I had never heard of backgrounders before this course. I was challenged to do a lot of research on hunger in Washington, D.C. and relate it to my fictional restaurant. The backgrounder can be found on the Eclectic Eats WordPress site.