Research - Auburn Parks and Recreation


Screenshot from our presentation.

During the spring semester of 2016, I took a class focusing on research strategies for public relations. I worked with a group consisting of four other classmates to create a survey and written analysis about communication among the public for our client, City of Auburn Parks and Recreation.

Our client wanted to know how Auburn residents found information regarding Auburn Parks and Recreation events. The client also wanted to know more about which programs offered were most popular. We were also tasked with investigating how residents receive the parks and recreation quarterly report and whether they read it or not.

To investigate, my team and I created a survey on Qualtrics consisting of 20 questions. 286 people responded to our survey, giving us great data to analyze. Below is our written analysis and conclusions.

This project taught me how to use Qualtrics and analyze survey data. I also experienced working for a client for the first time.